Warsaw Photographic Studios, Tours and Exhibitions

The gallery scene here is very vivid and constantly changing, while the private initiatives in the city center started to emerge in late nineties. Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, a national cultural institution, has wide recognition, although you will be more likely to visit galleries in buildings stemming from communist times or tenements from the 19th century, typical for commercial galleries.


  1. The Andrzej Wawrzyniak Asia and Pacific Museum

During more than 40 years of activity, the museum has presented the works of photographers. The Asia and Pacific Museum numbered 4000 pieces of art and ethnographic objects, such as wonderful side arms, numerous shadow theatre masks, instruments and paintings and in 2017 the museum changed its name.


  1. Syfon Studio

Warsaw-based Urszula Janowska and Filip Tofil, the founders of Syfon Studio, met in a poster design class, and the young designers are ones to watch as when they’re not working, they still manage to make time for projects.


  1. Zuzanna Zasacka

A few years ago she decided to narrow down her focus and now she works as a guide at Zachęta National Gallery of Art and Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture, providing tours to galleries, museums and temporary festivals in Polish. During the tours, guests can talk to curators and artists involved, as Zuzanna used to guide journalists as part of a study visit program for the promotion of Polish culture and she often leads workshops for kids, thus gaining the ability to talk about complex ideas.


  1. lokal_30

Although most kinds of artistic projects are welcome, including performances and social actions, the eclectic lokal_30 is interested in promoting contemporary installations and has exhibited works by Ewa Juszkiewicz and many others, opening a temporary space in London as well.


  1. Leica Gallery

In addition to its exhibition space, the gallery is oriented towards contemporary photography as well as documentary image making.


  1. Warsaw through the Lens

This tour encompasses a history spanning seven centuries, allowing you to capture the unique panorama, as your guide- has in-depth local knowledge and the whole area is mostly closed to traffic.


  1. An idea for a souvenir

There are loads of local books which are perfect, so head to one of the quaint bookshops in order to discover what photographers have to say about Warsaw.


  1. Warsaw Ghetto

These photos fall into several categories, but generally speaking there are two types of photos and these can be further divided into sub-categories, although the ghetto residents were very restricted as there were few cameras, and it was difficult to acquire film, which is why almost all of the photos were taken by photographers who came from outside.


  1. Old World Poland

Old World Poland is a 12-Day Photographic Journey, an adventurous photo begining in medieval Krakow, with its intact Main Market Square, after which you’ll drive into the mountains to learn about Poland’s highland people. You’ll be able to taste local apples, a smoked cheese, pierogi dumplings and golabaki, as the tour takes you to the most fascinating places.



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