Alternative Warsaw: Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Galleries

Warsaw’s fast-growing art scene has exploded with independent galleries dedicated to promoting artists, and a must-see event is the Warsaw Gallery Weekend with its exhibitions, so read on to find out more about the art galleries in Warsaw. The typical image of Poland’s capital is overturned by close to fifty independent galleries. A lot of the spots are hard to find, but Warsaw has the largest cultural budget, and there is more going on now than ever, though Krakow may be considered Poland’s cultural capital.


The truth is that we never manage to go anywhere because work absorbs all our time, so a nice tour of the places where great artistic scenes have been rising or are rising will make you able to say “I was there”. The Ujazdowski Castle has been on found on this site since the 1300s, but it was completed in 1730 as a bathhouse that gave Łazienki park its name, surviving two centuries as it was lucky to escape total destruction. Common sense prevailed as the 1970s saw Ujazdowski rebuilt, and today it plays host to large halls for exhibitions of a wild mix of the good, the bad and the ugly, worthy of our attention.


It was decimated and rebuilt, but, without a defined city centre, its cultural life is spread across the city.


  1. Museum on the Vistula

There is a café and a small education centre, free of charge. The Museum on the Vistula is located at Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 22, an area which is a “must see”, and the building was designed by Adolf Krischanitz and used before by the Kunsthalle.


  1. Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu

In addition to showcasing artists, the gallery organizes collective exhibitions. Founded in 1976, it was created for promoting the most talented graphic artists and has become one of Poland’s best-stocked galleries over the years, exhibiting politically charged posters as well as more abstract work.


  1. Centre for Contemporary Art

Located in Ujazdowski Castle, it is a very active institution with all kinds of genres organizing exhibitions of paintings, contemporary music concerts as well as performances and you can always find here something interesting, such as an independent film. Founded in 1990, it is a centre that attempts to evolve, where various fields of art coexist and interact, in order to create new phenomena. The Centre for Contemporary Art achieves its goals through performances, concerts of contemporary music, video art and creative workshops, and its unique feature is the way the developing art program has been correlated with the organization of the architectural spaces in which the Centre is housed. CCA aims to transform into more of a space for research and workshops rather than a traditional exhibition space.


  1. Galeria Program

With goals like promoting young artists as well as widening access to art, it has had its hands full as it welcomes all forms of artistic dialogue and film and encourages social impact projects, organizes individual exhibitions and takes part in international art fairs, representing ten young artists.


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