A Foreigner’s Guide around the creative Poland and Warsaw

Warsaw is often overlooked, but it’s actually a good thing because you won’t experience a crazy amount of tourists and many travelers stop mainly in Krakow. Most people don’t need convincing that immersing yourself in nature can reduce stress and even boost creativity, but in Poland, there are places which are exceptionally picturesque. Whether you’re looking to relocate for short-term work or want to take steps to move there, there are a whole host of things you need to know, so we are here to help you learn more before you make your move.


Warszawa is the capital of Poland, located in Mazowieckie voivodeship and covering around 516.9 square kilometers, although the entire agglomeration covers about 6,100.43 square kilometers. Many of you might not realize but while the communism ended in 1989, Warsaw is still associated with destroyed gray walls in the eyes of foreign visitors, although Warsaw is not gray anymore or in any way behind the rest of Europe. Known for its cosmopolitan centre, the Polish capital really blossoms in the summer, offering a mind-boggling selection of vibrant nightlife and low living costs and if you’ve ever visited other cities, you’ll realize that Warsaw has a different feel as it is not centered on an old square.


There are many direct flights with LOT Polish Airlines and you can choose to fly to either Chopin Airport or Modlin, just check beforehand which one is cheaper to fly to. Standing at nearly 800 feet, the Palace of Culture and Science it’s a symbol of the country’s past and another thing that’s very noticeable is that the city is always changing: new buildings, shopping centers pop up often around the city. For those more goal-oriented, you can find some attractions available in Warsaw.


The Polish language

English is convenient as Polish is difficult to speak, but it’s useful to note that there’s a generational divide, so communicating with older people might be difficult.


A Delicious Food Tour

You’ll be treated to plenty of samples, as well as vodka tastings, if you choose to enjoy a small-group tour in order to learn interesting facts, skip the tourist traps and try different Polish foods.


If you’re a Single Man

The escorts here are beautiful and can be paid for traveling with their clients. Furthermore, have you seen how extremely charming they are? They have to workout a lot to look so amazing.


Warszawa’S Old City

You can hear Warsaw’s bugle-call by admiring the beauty of the architecture around the market square and meet the famous mermaid.


The Industrial Space

Locals love Soho Factory as it’s a pretty important place on the cultural map.


Warsaw is relatively safe, but don’t leave your belongings unattended in crowded spaces and basically use some common sense. Even if you’ve lived in Warsaw, you’ll never feel welcome in Praga District and horror stories about the neighborhood are told from outsiders who were crossing the Vistula and heading from the well-trodden tourist path over to the less-visited right bank.

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